Low voltage devices 0.4 kW

Low voltage devices 0.4 kW

Low voltage complete devices 0.4 kW

Power Technology OÜ designs and implements electrical panelboard solutions based on boxes from well-known producers such as Schneider Electric, Siemens, ABB
We offer the supply of LVCD with rated current up to 8500A based on the Logstrup modular system. This design allows the use of cross connect equipment from any producer. In our projects we use high-quality equipment of world-famous manufacturers - Schneider Electric, ABB, Siemens, General Electric, OEZ, LS. The box system is modular in all 3 axes, providing flexibility in designing and panelboard assembling. It allows the implementation of LVCD with any size and configuration (up to 8500A), fully in compliance with design specifications and safety standards.
We are always ready to offer our customers a choice, therefore our product range includes LVCD based on modular system of PRISMA+ type from the world-famous producer Schneider Electric.

Our experts are ready to design, assemble and advise you on any technical or commercial issue.
Together with Siemens we are able to supply low-voltage switchgear Sivacon S4 and S8. Cost-efficient, sensitive to the needs and fully tested (type-tested) - (TT LVCD) - these are the characteristics of the new Siemens low-voltage switchgear. LVCD SIVACON S8 is applicable for all power levels: from the power center at 7000A and the main and auxiliary panelboards to the power control boards with starter assemblies (MСС), both with fixed and plug-in, as well as with withdrawable modules.
Sivacon S4 and S8
Prisma +
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