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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. General provisions
1.1. User's use of the Site's feedback forms www.powertehnology.eu means acceptance of this Privacy Policy and the terms of processing of the User's personal data.
1.2. In case of disagreement with the terms of the Privacy Policy, the User must stop using the feedback forms of the site.
1.3. This Privacy Policy applies only to feedback forms www.powertehnology.eu . Company Owner of the site https://www.powertehnology.eu /. does not control and is not responsible for third-party sites to which the User can click on links available on the site.
1.4. The Website Owner Company does not verify the accuracy of the personal data provided by the User.

2. The subject of the privacy policy and the purpose of collecting information
2.1. This Privacy Policy establishes the obligations of the Website Owner's company https://www.powertehnology.eu / on non-disclosure and ensuring the confidentiality of personal data that the User provides when filling out feedback forms.
2.2. The personal data authorized for processing under this Privacy Policy is provided by the User by filling in the fields in the feedback forms and may include the following information:
2.2.1. User Name (purpose of collection: polite address to the User). 2.2.2. The User's contact phone number, email address (the purpose of the collection is to establish feedback with the User).
2.2.3. City: "SPb" or "Moscow" (the purpose of the collection: determining the geolocation of the target audience of the portal).
2.2.4. Cookies (purpose of collection: automatically transmitted during the visit of pages).

3. Methods and terms of processing personal information
3.1. The processing of the User's personal data is carried out without time limit, in any legal way, including in personal data information systems using automation tools or without the use of such tools.
3.2. The User agrees that the Website Owner Company has the right, if necessary, to transfer personal data to third parties, in particular, to delivery services in order to fulfill the User's order.
3.3. The User's personal data may be transferred to the authorized state authorities of the Russian Federation only on the grounds and in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
3.4. The Website Owner Company takes the necessary organizational and technical measures to protect the User's personal information from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as from other illegal actions of third parties.

4. Obligations of the parties
4.1. The User is obliged to:
4.1.1. To work with feedback forms, provide the necessary information.
4.1.2. Send a request to the Website Owner's email info@powertehnology.eu to update or delete previously provided information.
4.2. The Website Owner Company is obliged to:
4.2.1. Use the information received exclusively for the purposes specified in Section 2 of this Privacy Policy.
4.2.2. To ensure the storage of confidential information in secret, not to disclose, as well as not to sell, exchange, publish, or disclose in other possible ways the transferred personal data of the User, with the exception of clause 3.3 of this Privacy Policy.
4.2.3. Take precautions to protect the confidentiality of the User's personal data in accordance with the procedure usually used to protect this kind of information in the existing business turnover.
4.2.4. To block personal data related to the relevant User from the moment of the User's request or request (to the email address: info@powertehnology.eu or his legal representative or the authorized body for the protection of the rights of personal data subjects for the period of verification, in case of identification of false personal data or illegal actions.

5. Dispute Resolution
5.1. It is mandatory to submit a pre-trial claim (a written proposal for a voluntary settlement of the dispute).
5.2. The recipient of the claim within 30 calendar days from the date of receipt of the claim notifies the applicant of the claim in writing about the results of the consideration of the claim.
5.3. If an agreement is not reached, the dispute will be referred to the court of general jurisdiction of St. Petersburg.
5.4. The current legislation of the Russian Federation applies to this Privacy Policy and the relationship between the User and the Company Owner of the Site.

6. Other conditions
6.1. The Website Owner Company has the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy without the User's consent.
6.2. The new Privacy Policy comes into force from the moment it is posted on the Website, unless otherwise provided by the new version of the Privacy Policy.
6.3. The current Privacy Policy is posted on the website page at: www.powertehnology.eu/en/privacy
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